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About Founder of Codablecash

Hello, I’m Tomohiro Iizuka Now I am developing new generation blockchain & smartcontract platform “Codablecash”.

In order to develop Codablecash, very high skill is necessary. The author has background of database engine, compiler of programming language, Web development, etc.

So I’m going to introduce my skills. The new generation blockchain & smartcontract platform are realized by following technologies.

Compiler and Virtual Machine Development

I am developer of programming language and IDE based on Eclipse Plugin. Following tweet shows last product that I made.

And I’ve made ERP software for E-Commerce Warehouse in this programming language, sell it, and manage software for customers.

Therefore I know how to manage software after developed the first version. Continuous integration is essential task for software. So I think smartcontract programs need it.

Relational Database Engine Development

I am also developer of Distributed Relational Database for bigdata. I started development of database, but I changed way of my start up business into blockchain software, Codablecash.

This is the github repository. The development is not completed, but I want to do after making Codablecash.

I’m using/migrating component of this software into Codablecash. It has RDBMS engine works on blockchain, so RDBMS source code is useful.

Blockchain/Cryptograph Development

Blockchain and Cryptograph are my first challenge, so I’ve started code from this part. And now most of cryptograph parts are completed.

Please Follow Me

If you interested in Codablecash Project, please follow my Twitter account.

I’m reporting my activity on the Twitter account. If you have opinion/idea, please talk to me frankly. One of Cryptocurrency business’s good point is that we can collaborate with many/various people via the community.

And this is my thought about the policy of decentralized community.

Than you for reading.

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