Smartcontract with SQL

Vision of Codablecash & Future of Blockchain

The vision of Codablecash is to make blockchain based application available for everyone. In order to realize it, new technology & enjoyable community conduct is essential.

Enjoyable Community

To make effort is really important, but it is not final goal, and is not what people desire. People can enjoy making effort when they recognize it obviously lead to the result they desire.

In order to realize it following factor is essential.

  • The mission & vision to share
  • Breakthrough technology to realize mission we share
  • Fair governance of the community

Future of the Blockchain

The blockchain technology was born, and the Bitcoin is popular solution to make it. It is technology to make trust on the internet with technology to make unchanged data.

It is next technology to the internet.

But it is young technology, so it have to mature more and more, in order to widely spread the usage. We think when people uses the blockchain technology in usual life, following usage will be standard.

Instant Payment in Easy Way

The cryptocurrency is money in the future. Therefore it is essential factor that people can use it easily.

If difficult wallet management is required, most of general people(like non-engineers) can’t use it.

Build Secure Smartcontract in Easy Way

In addition to cryptocurrency, there are many usage of the blockchain technology. The smartcontract is to add functionality to the blockchain, and decentralized application can use it.

If internet engineers can easily customize blockchain, most of website/system will be built with blockchain. That’s because application built with blockchain technology has following merit.

  • More secure than database application
  • Non-Stop server management is available
  • Fair governance of the system among stakesholders

Decentralized Capitalism

If capitalism works correctly, there are no people who have skill to realize other people desire, but can’t execute it because of start-up money problem.

The blockchain technology with smartcontract, which can implement decentralized application with certain level of complexity, will used to build financial contract, like fair ICO, DEFI.

Breakthrough Technology

Codablecash is made as “Decentralized Smartcontract Blockchain Platform” to realize the vision and blockchain’s future. The architecture is original.

Operating System for Blockchain based Dapp

Codablecash is designed as “Operating System for Decentralized Application”.

It is base layer of Dapp to provide necessary functionality to it.

Governance of Smartcontract

Smartcontract is communication method among stakes holders. Therefore the management and governance must be fairly done.

Smartcontract is technology to do fair execution of contracts. Therefore maintenance, especially upgrade of contract, must be done in fair way. Codablecash support this process by the smartcontract framework.

Verification process of upgrade can be written in smartcontract platform. You can use any method like below.

  • Upgrading by the administrator
  • Voting among all of stakes holders
  • Voting among board members with voting right share(like stock)

Data Synchronization Among P2P Nodes

Blockchain consists of P2P node, and Decentralized Applications works on it. Then data synchronization among the P2P Nodes is most difficult matter.

In Codablecash, Flashchain supports smartcontract program when real time synchronization of data is necessary for the Dapp program.

The Flashchain don’t have blockchain time. The block is created as soon as possible if transactions are in Memory Pool. By flashchain, Codablecash can settle transaction instantly, so instant payment is available by on-chain approach. The blocks are finalized by next blocks, if next Dpos node does not fail.

Base Functionality

Even if the product has innovative feature, if base functionality is weak, we can’t use actually it. Codablecash has following base functionality to support innovative feature.

  • Network Scaling by Sharding
  • Consensus Algorithm with finalizing transaction
  • Fail Tolerant DPoS algorithm
  • No Trusted Third Party is required
  • Fair Coin Distribution

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